Friday 18 March 2016

How To PROPERLY Shape/Treat Eyebrows

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Have you ever thought about never having to pluck your eyebrows again? Maybe you have and you are not quite sure where to begin or how to get a more natural look with them. Well have no fear because your local Registered Electrologist is here!! Specially trained in hair growth and techniques, they can help you obtain the desired look you are going for without the hastle of taking too much on one side or making them too short. Here's some helpful information.........

There are several Do's and Dont's when it comes to shaping your eyebrows.......

1) It is not advised to shape eyebrows with Laser Hair Removal...Yes the color of your eyebrows may make you a qualified candidate for laser, however, the eyebrows are tricky. It is ALOT easier and safer to accomplish with electrolysis because you can take one hair at a time. It is extremely important for your electrologist to be conservative when shaping eyebrows due to the fact that there are two of them and its hard to replace hair that is being permanently removed. Taking a little bit at a time and having the client (YOU) checking perodically to make sure that you are getting the desired look you want is very important.....Less is more in this situation.

2) Every electrologist is specifically trained in shaping of the brows. You want your eyebrow to compliment your features not stand out. You should take a pencil,piece of string, tweeezer etc and line the inner brow up with the tear duct on your eye. The outter more finer point of your eyebrow should line up with the outer corner of your eye. Thickness of the eyebrows is determined by personal preferance of you the client, however always keep in mind you can not replace permenantley removed hair.

3)Every Electrologist/ Laser Technician should inform you that it is not a very good idea to pluck the hair on your face whether it be by tweezers or waxing. The chin and upper lip are very hormonally dependant areas, which when plucking can cause the hair to come back thicker and sometimes faster.....EEEK!!! However, with the eyebrows they are not as dependant on hormones as the rest of the face so plucking is ok and not too detrimental to the hair. BUT remember that the only way to permanenlty remove hair is to find a licensed Electrologist, schedule an appointment and start those treatments.