Laser Hair Removal Testimonial

"Professional and friendly staff. The results of my treatments exceeded my expectations." -Sheri from Rhinelander

Spa Facial Testimonial

"I just had a facial done by Liana. It was one of the best I've ever had. She's very professional and went through all my problematic areas. She also made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I also received product recommendations and samples to try. I can't wait to go back!" -Gwen from Wausau

Acne Treatment With Laser Testimonial

" I've had acne for years, but in the lasy two years (since peri-menopause kicked in) it's morphed into cystic acne. I would get dime sized painful raised lumps on my face....It was horrible!! I went to numerous dermatologists both cosmetic and medical. I spent tons of money on drugs, creams,lotions, light treatments, dermabrasion, etc. and NOTHING worked. My dermatologist said my last resort would be accutane, which scarred the heck out of me.

The laser treatment I started with Ralph has been a miracle!!! It completely got rid of my cystic acne! I still feel like I'm dreaming because I had given up and didn't think that anything was going to be able to help me. I am so thankful that I found Ralph and his lasers......it's been life changing for me." -Katie R. from Wausau

Laser Hair Removal Testimonial

"I am so glad I learned about the Electrolysis & Laser Center of Wausau! I used to have very dark thick hair on my legs, and shaving left them prickly with lots of red bumps. When it grew back, by the next day, I had ingrown hairs and it was so itchy! Laser hair removal does wonders! Even after the first treatment, I noticed the hair was finer. After five treatments, my legs are so silky soft! So, now I'm continuing with my bikini line and underarms! I love it -- no shaving everyday! I can put on shorts in the summer and not have to take a half hour out of my day to shave! Carol and the rest of the staff are very friendly! Thank you Carol!" - Kelly D.

Laser Hair Removal Testimonial

"Best thing ever, laser. A true miracle after years of embarrassment. I can go in the sun and not have to worry about if people are noticing the unwanted dark hair on my chin and upper lip, or being teased about it". - Cheryl of Wausau

Electrolysis Testimonial

"I want to let you know you're the best at electrolysis I've ever experienced across this entire country! See you the next time I'm in town." - Vicki from Texas

Laser Hair Removal Testimonial

"I am very happy that I chose ELC. At first I was skeptical that laser would not work, but after the second treatment I was a believer. I feel confident wearing dresses now more than I ever have before! I have recomended laser to all of my friends and family." -Thao from Wausau