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Electrolysis is an effective method of permanently removing unwanted body hair using specially developed radio frequency energy. If you’re looking to permanently spruce up your eyebrows or get rid of that relentless chin hair or upper lip hair, certified laser technician Carol Dixon, RE, CLT, offers electrolysis at Electrolysis & Laser Center in Wausau, Wisconsin. Electrolysis allows for enhanced precision, accuracy, and impressive results. Get control over your unruly body hair by calling Electrolysis & Laser Center today.

Electrolysis Q & A

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is an FDA-approved method of removing individual hairs from the body or face. 

During electrolysis, your specialist gently and carefully inserts an ultra-fine probe into your hair follicle to heat and damage the follicle before gently removing the hair. 

Following electrolysis, a significant percentage of unwanted hair will be permanently removed.

Electrolysis devices are called epilators and they’re specially designed to destroy the growth center of the hair using short-wave radiofrequency.

All hair colors and most areas of the body can be treated with electrolysis, including the face, thighs, abdomen, legs, eyebrows, and breasts. 

Electrolysis is a safe and comfortable way to address these areas and allows your specialist to carefully focus on one hair at a time for the best outcome.

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What causes unwanted hair growth?

Unwanted hair growth might just be genetic, or it can be associated with hormonal levels and certain medications. Some illnesses can also stimulate hair growth, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

When hair growth is undesirable and on the wrong area of the body, such as on a woman’s upper lip or chin, electrolysis is an excellent solution to permanently remove it.


Will I need multiple electrolysis treatments?

A number of factors can influence hair growth, so you may need to return for several visits. The total number of sessions required varies depending on the individual. 

Fifteen to 30 sessions are usually necessary for an optimal outcome, depending on the area of the body, the density of the hair, and your aesthetic goals.

Treatments are usually spaced about a week or two apart and each treatment typically takes between 15 minutes to one hour. 

Following your treatment, you might experience a slight reddening of your skin, but this subsides within 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Electrolysis is a safe and effective treatment that doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals or substances. If you’re considering electrolysis, you should take time to do your research and make sure it’s the right choice for you and that you have a qualified and trained professional.

If you’d like to shape up your eyebrows or remove unwanted hair on your upper lip, book online or call Electrolysis & Laser Center today.


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