Thursday 15 December 2016

Tired of unwanted hairs?

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Tired of unwanted hairs? Read more on permanent hair removal!

We all have them. Those unwanted hairs that make us feel self – conscious. We feel that when we go out in public people are staring at that one big black hair we missed taking care of! I can’t tell you how many times I took time to pluck and shave away unwanted hair only to get into the car in the sunlight to see all the ones I missed. Or when you see someone else with the same hair issues as yourself and you wonder “ is that what I look like?” For ladies, we find this hair on our chins, upper lip, neck or other places. For men, these hairs can range from your back to eyebrows. No matter where this unwanted hair is, there is a better method and a permanent one to remove this hair so that it never plagues you again! The answer for hair removal is electrolysis.

What is electrolysis and why does it work?

Electrolysis has been a trusted method for removing hair since 1869 when an ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Michel, needed a way to remove ingrown eyelashes which were leading to blindness. He discovered he could permanently kill a hair and thus electrolysis started! Electrolysis works by inserting a small metal probe alongside the hair. Then a small amount of electrolysis current is delivered that destroys the hair’s root. This means we are actually killing the hair cells.  This is what causes permanent removal of the hair itself. Can you imagine? No more shaving and plucking!

How long until I see results? Can I scar?

You will begin to see permanent results after a series of treatments. The hair has to be treated while it is in its growing stage, so a hair may take more than one treatment before it is permanently destroyed. Although you may leave the office a little red you will have no chance of scarring. Always make sure to have your electrolysis done by a trained professional who is licensed in hair removal.

Why can’t I just pluck my hairs?

Plucking, and other forms of hair removal, are only temporary.

Plucking attributes to:

  • ingrown hairs
  • can cause the lighter hairs around the area to become darker
  • causes the hair to grow back coarser
  • can cause discoloration in the skin

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